Pauline Carney

 Pauline is currently a practicing professional artist and exhibition curator who works with mixed media collage, fragmented prose and symbolism to express traits that she believes to be intrinsically human. Also interested in Outsider Art and counter culture movements, Pauline values the importance of self-expression to strengthen individuality through creative means, regardless of social preconceptions and boundaries.

Please see Pauline's Creative CV for details about her practical experience. 


"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic beetle." Kafka, The Metamorphosis.

Infestation” is a commentary on humanity's need for a controlled societal structure to which we unquestionably adhere.

In considering the limitations imposed by our self-made societies, “Infestation” intends to highlight the conflict between our constructed social environments and what should be our natural instincts. The externally prioritised “importance” of modern day living is diluting the natural qualities of our existence and distancing us from nature. We are increasingly controlled by this illusion of identity through structure, becoming less attuned to our intrinsically rooted behaviour. The constant sensory overload of our surroundings is saturating our subconscious, leaving no room for self-awareness within our everyday psyche.