An artist collective making and selling original artwork and design-led craft items. 

Artwork is available to purchase and all five featured artists are currently accepting commission work.

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Becki Harper

Becki Harper is an illustrator based in the historic city of York. Her work often explores narratives strongly blended with curiosity and nostalgia, and she draws much of her inspiration from nature and science. Observational drawing is highly important to her creative practice, as it's often the source of an idea, character, or composition, and greatly informs the visual language within her work. She favours traditional techniques such as watercolour painting, which is the process typically used to add colour to her drawings. This passion for creating things by hand has naturally led to exploration into other media such as textiles and craft.
Becki was born in 1987 and grew up in the North-Eastern town of Middlesbrough, where she began studying art at CCAD. She went on to complete a BA (Hons) in Illustration at UWE Bristol, in which she achieved a First Class degree and numerous awards, including a Highly Commended from the Macmillan Children's book prize. She continues to pursue her arts practice from her studio in York, where she has received commissions from local design studios and companies.

Website: http://www.beckiharper.com

Chris Peacock

Professional sculptor and model-maker, Chris Peacock currently works with Event Prop Hire to produce corporate bespoke jobs for themed events.
When he can find the time, Chris also likes to pursue personal projects such as interesting commissioned projects and collaborative work.
Previous work includes producing one-off and limited edition pieces for tattoo artists and creating art pieces for exhibitions.

Email: freddymoonshine@hotmail.com
Instagram: freddymoonshine

Joey Johnson

"Joe makes shit out of wood and whatever else he can get his hands on."

#joiner #sculptor #idiot

Email: jarjohnson@hotmail.co.uk

Pauline Carney

Pauline is an exhibition curator and practicing professional artist who works with mixed media collage, watercolour, fragmented prose and symbolism to express traits that she believes to be intrinsically human.
Drawing influence from nature, balance is key to her work; Combining layers, textiles and expressive watercolour, Pauline strives to create compositionally considered pieces that are instinctually emotive.

Email: paulinecarneyart@icloud.com
Website: http://enola-autumn-sketchbook.blogspot.co.uk/

Raze Oner

Raze Oner is a multidisciplinary artist who works predominantly in the street. Utilising various high end spray can techniques and tools, Raze focuses on honing and developing his skills to produce compositionally sound and aesthetically pleasing work. Initially gripped by the simple complexity of letter forms, Raze strives to discover the perfect angles and elements to deconstruct, reform and manipulate in order to achieve ideal balance.

Facebook: Raze Oner Art


PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible for us to sell work directly through the shop, to purchase please contact: against.the.grain.gillygate@gmail.com

Window #1
1Chair Shelf by Joey Johnson£40.00
2'Old Bones' Limited edition signed print by Pauline Carney£25.00
3'Painted Lady' Framed Print by Pauline Carney£25.00
4Cat Skull in frame - black & white - by Chris Peacock£45.00
5'Phatcap' Seat. Customisable options / colours. £225.00
6'grandad because he is dead' Canvas by Molly, Age 3Not for Sale
7Beetle #1 Print by Pauline Carney£10.00
8Robot Print by Becki Harper£25.00
9Fox Print by Becki Harper£30.00
10Cat Skull in frame - purple & green - by Chris Peacock£45.00
11Beetle #2 Print by Pauline Carney£10.00
12Fox Mixed-Media Watercolour Original 
by Pauline Carney
13Joey Johnson's Hand & frame #2£25.00
14Cupcakes Print by Becki Harper£35.00
15Illuminated Hare Plaque by Chris & Joey£60.00


PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible for us to sell work directly through the shop, to purchase please contact: against.the.grain.gillygate@gmail.com

Window #2
Item Information Price
16 The White Rabbit Print by Becki Harper £15.00
17 Beyond the Rabbit Hole Print by Becki Harper £15.00
18 The Caterpillar Print by Becki Harper £15.00
19 Alice and Dinah Print by Becki Harper £15.00
20 Croquet Print by Becki Harper £15.00
21 Palm-reading Painted Lady framed print by Pauline Carney £25.00
22 'Old Bones' limited edition signed print by Pauline Carney £25.00
23 Illuminated Hare Plaque by Chris & Joey £60.00
24 Blue tit print by Pauline Carney £15.00
25 Framed Tree frog Original Mixed-Media Watercolour
by Pauline Carney
Not for sale


PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible for us to sell work directly through the shop, to purchase please contact: against.the.grain.gillygate@gmail.com

Window #3
Item Information Price
26 Framed Abstract Original Mixed-Media Watercolour
by Pauline Carney
27 Beetle Original Mixed-Media Watercolour
by Pauline Carney
28 Halloween Cake lady print by Becki Harper £30.00
29 Abstract Canvas by Raze Oner. Commissions accepted. Not for sale
30 Illuminated Hare Plaque by Chris & Joey £60.00
31 Cat Skull in frame – gold & red – by Chris Peacock £45.00
32 Joey Johnson's Hand & Frame #2 £25.00
33 Fox Signed Original Mixed-Media Watercolour, Framed
by Pauline Carney
34 Runaway Carousel print by Becki Harper £20.00
35 Cuckoos' Clock print by Becki Harper £5.00
36 Beetle postcard print by Pauline Carney £7.50
37 Robin Mixed-Media Watercolour Original
by Pauline Carney
38 Eagle Bust Sculpture by Chris Peacock £300.00
39 Beetle #3 Print by Pauline Carney £10.00
40 'Kafka' framed print by Pauline Carney £25.00
41 Owl Mixed-Media Watercolour Original
by Pauline Carney
42 Octopus print by Becki Harper £15.00

Tattoo Tea Party Artshow

The latest Against the Grain Artshow took us to Tattoo Tea Party at Event City, Manchester this March, and what an amazing show it was! I'm proud to say it was my biggest curatorial project to date, too!   

Thank you to Neil for inviting us to be a part of his incredible show, thanks to all the artists who were a part of this Against the Grain show, and thank you also, to everyone who came to see the artwork we had on display.

Here are a few photos, for those of you who couldn't attend. We had a great weekend in what was my biggest exhibition to date! And better still, this event was baby Corban's first arty adventure! It was such a rewarding challenge to be able to successfully curate this show with a 7 week old baby in my arms and post-pregnancy hormones aplenty! So thank you, everyone!

Please don't forget to visit the web pages of the amazing artists we had involved at the Against the Grain! Follow the links to the right.

As an extension to the Against the Grain show, we have some exciting new work to talk about. I'd like to share a couple of artists in particular;

Sculptor Chris Peacock, showcased some of his new work at Tea Party. The phatcap seat, which is coming soon and will be available to purchase both in customisable form, and as limited edition collaborations. Watch this space.

Another artist worth a check is Rebeeca Reed; who is always working on new arty projects, give her a follow on Instagram.

Both Chris, and Rebecca will have work at Cardiff Toy and Tattoo convention in September.

I'd also like to recommend, Alex Spencer, who is another artist always working on new pieces. 

I am excited to be a part of Alex's next exhibition, Old Bones Emporium, which will be at Howe Street, Edinburgh June 6-12th. Corban's first trip to Scotland! I am working on some new small-scale mixed-media pieces for this show and I'm excited to get back into my art after giving birth. 

Please keep an eye on my big cartel for new works available for purchase, and treat yourself to some artwork! Any parents out there will appreciate that every little helps so thank you in advance for any purchases! Commissions welcomed, too!

I will be uploading sale originals, like this red fox, when I get the chance so please keep checking. 

Oh, and I'd like to introduce baby Corban, who is now 10 weeks old!

Thanks for reading – talk to you all soon! Pauline

Tattoo Tea Party

We have TEN amazing artists to present to you this year at Tattoo Tea Party!

Featuring illustrators, sculptors, fine artists, graffiti artists and more! 

Our art show features collectible artworks and exciting projects this year, including new artwork and accessories created especially for Tattoo Tea Party! 

All pieces will be available to purchase. 

We will also have some exciting made to order custom pieces to show you! 

As well as LIVE ART being created from our artists all weekend! 

Come down to see us - look out for the AGAINST THE GRAIN ARTSHOW banner!